Ecumenical Patriarchate
Archdiocese of Orthodox Parishes of Russian Tradition in Western Europe
Worshipping at St Thomas a Becket’s Church
Cliffe High Street, LEWES BN7 2AW



Your personal data: your consent You may request at any time that any of your personal data – in our possession – be either removed/deleted or corrected, for whatever reason. However, members of the Parish (those people listed on the Membership Roll) should be aware that they are obliged to have their name and address recorded: a request to remove/delete their contact details would equate to them ceasing to be listed on the Membership Roll.

Electronic data The data currently collected is primarily your email address and/or phone number and/or postal address.

Paper Records The Parish has a Parish Register of baptisms/receptions, marriages and funerals; and included in this are copies of birth/civil marriage/death certificates: these records are permanent.

How is your personal data processed? Your personal data is used for the following purposes: -

 To serve our Parish membership i.e. those people listed on our Membership Roll;

 To serve the wider public, who call on the ministry of our clergy;

 To inform people of relevant news, events, activities and services;

 To maintain the accounts and financial records of our Property Trust (including the processing of Gift Aid);
On what basis is your personal data processed? Explicit consent is needed for us to keep people informed about news, events, activities and services; and also to process Gift Aid, when applicable. Processing relates only to members/former members of the Parish, or those who wish to have contact with the Parish and/or its clergy, for whatever purpose.

Sharing your personal data This information is treated as confidential, and not shared with anyone else, unless necessary to fulfil pastoral obligations.

How long is your personal data kept? The Membership Roll is updated every year; Gift Aid declarations, and associated paperwork, should be kept for up to 6 years, after the calendar year to which they relate; but the Parish Register, containing details of baptisms/receptions, marriages and funerals, is a permanent record.

May 2018